Business Planning/ Development

Client: TAO Group, Germany

Brief description: Development of strategic business plans for a new class of aerial vehicle. Liaison with UK government bodies and key UK engineering speciailist organisations.

Engineering consultancy

Client: TAO Technologies UK Ltd

Brief description: Development of programme together with specialist engineering support, leading edge technology development.

Design Workshop for Space and Life Sciences Centre, Edinburgh Bio-quarter

Client: Scottish Enterprise/ Space Innovation Centre (precursor organisation to the Satellite Applications Catapult).

Brief description: Development of requirements from a group of more than 50 (some international) stakeholders, as rapidly and efficiently as possible for a Space and Life Sciences Centre in Edinburgh.

Method of execution: A boundary analysis was carried out with all stakeholders in a workshop environment. 

The boundary analysis was used to extract general requirements associated with respective stakeholders, so that they could be developed (with metrics) and used to produce a high level concept followed by detailed requirements. This provided an overall design for the Centre.

Project Timescale: Two months.

UK Spaceport Consultation, Department of Transport

Client: Machrihanish Airbase Community Company, (MACC) Campbeltown, Scotland

Brief description: A high level study of the requirement for a horizontal launch/recovery capability, potential customers/infrastructure in the UK, in relation to MACC to support delivery of the UK Government  Space Industry Strategy.

Method of execution: Analysis of the requirement for horizontal launch/recovery capability (principally for space tourism).  A brief analysis of the state of the technology, and a wider discussion of the need to integrate vertical launch capability, in order to make the business viable, globally competitive and attractive for investment.

Project Timescale: Five months

List of Contracts include: 

  • Organisational design of the Space and Life Sciences Centre Inverness.  (Client: Highlands and Islands Enterprise)
  • Analysis of spaceplane launcher state of the market (Client: Highlands and Islands Enterprise)
  • UK Spaceport viability for Campbeltown (Client: MACC, Argyll and Bute Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise)
  • Development of Machirhanish Airbase for spaceport/ spaceport logistics (Client: Discover Space UK, Argyll and Bute Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise)
  • Space Vehicle Factory/Logistics Proposal, Development Support (Client: Discover Space UK)