We work as Consultants and expert advisers in conjunction with our partners, to develop, deliver and execute an overall Systems Engineering approach in order to clearly define scope, requirements, and design characteristics that can be risk assessed, mitigated, and delivered in a cost-effective manner to required levels of risk.

We act as overall system-of-systems coordinator at the business, commercial, environmental, safety and technical level, coordinating the requirements of customers to the resources and capabilities of our joint teams. We understand and broker the requirements of our clients, which include a number of functions:

  • Developing and Managing the Programme Risk and Exploitation Plans;
  • Providing an Overall approvals and Authorities required and Obtained Coordination Function;
  • Providing an overall Programme Management/Project Support Office Function;
  • Providing the Overall Stakeholder Engagement and Management Function;
  • Plan Integration, Managing Inter-dependencies/Conflicts;
  • Quality Management;

Our partners provide specialist consultancy for space launch covering the following, but also apply these services in non-space sectors;

  • Bespoke Engineering Design;
  • Logistics/Handling Equipment;
  • Campaigned/Mobile Instrumentation (e.g. for Rocket Motor Test Stand);
  • Integrated Data sharing/networking across the complete launch enterprise (i.e. linking to the Partner Launch Sites).
  • Provision of test facility for initial engine tests;
  • Design and implementation of dedicated engine test facilities;
  • General engineering consultancy on rocket engine design, manufacture and testing;
  • Advice on test site operations;
  • Advice on safety requirements for engine testing, propellant handling and component selection;
  • Integration in the Supply Chain

Services subject to change without notice