Press Release

Date Line:  Larnaca, Cyprus, 7th March 2019

CASLES becomes an affiliate member of the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation. The Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organisation, based in Cyprus, with a global scope of service and activities. Its main functions are outreach, education, research, development, advocacy,  and international cooperation in the field of space exploration, astronautics and astronomy. The organisation promotes and facilitates international scientific collaboration in space exploration, and fosters domestically collaboration with other space-faring nations in science, space and planetary missions. It was founded in 2012 and has over 1000 registered researchers, members and volunteers and over 175,000+ followers on social media. Its president is George A Danos, and the chair of CSEO’s international council is Prof Marcello Coradini, ESA’s head of solar system and robotic exploration (1987–2010).

Date Line:  London, England; Larnaca, Cyprus, December 2018

CASLES; Space launch consultancy supports World Leading High Altitude Platform company set up of Headquarters and Factory Operations in Scotland.

MACC Business Park, located on the former RAF Machrihanish air base near Campbeltown, Scotland, has signed an MOU with TAO Tech UK LTD to develop part of its site as a High Altitude Platform and altitude satellite launch location. TAO Tech will manufacture its aerial vehicles eventually at the site which will also act as a Nano satellite space port. CASLES (CapAm Space Launch Engineering Solutions) LTD, and their UK Space Launch Consortium Members, CST, AEL, Nammo and SpacePort1, and their partner, QinetiQ Ltd, are working to support TAO Tech’s exciting Space Launch Programme.


CASLES is a space launch engineering consultancy concentrating on low cost access/responsive access to space. We also work in the area of in-space technologies and their application to other business sectors. CASLES also helps companies and organisations develop and advance their space related businesses. We have been active in the UK Spaceport programme since 2013.

Press Contact:

Jeff Cole, Director, CASLES, email: Telephone No +44 7909 846454