World Class Experience

Our team of experts offers a unique mix of experience in Private Sector, Government, Civil and Defence contracts delivery worldwide, ranging from the very small to multi-billion pound programmes.

Our capability spans across military and civil government work, existing sectors and creation of new business and market areas.

Our expertise covers Business Design, Management, Remediation,  through Life Engineering, Information Technology, Supply chain Sustainability and Support and Out-sourcing.

We specialise in advanced engineering (exotic materials, technology introduction, Information Technology encompassing “big data”, Artificial Intelligence, (Neural Network Self Learning Systems, Intelligent Agents, Knowledge Base, Rule Based Systems) and Human Factors (especially stress factors in high stress positions of responsibility/ accountability).

We do not “land and expand”.  We provide unbiased advice that focuses on our client’s best interests. We provide clarity and facilitate the evaluation of difficult decisions.

Complex engineering products are ever increasingly being manufactured as integrated systems provided by a supply chain.  We specialise in applying the necessary tools and methodologies to make such systems a success.

Local Delivery

We are based in the UK and across Europe.  We have specific knowledge of many of the key government stakeholders.  We are well known for our involvement in the UK Space Launch Programme.

Doing the Right Thing

Our aim is to provide exceptional value for money, to create trust, and engender confidence between our team, our clients and their stakeholders.

We are agile and fast to respond to changing requirements.

Above all, we are dedicated and ethical in our approach.